1. ODGE funding—Jim Yoder and Alec Bogdanoff join the reps for this discussion.
    1. A discussion of the nature of the ODGE funds was had between the reps, Dean Yoder, and Alec Bogdanoff who played a large role in securing the funds for JP students.
    2. We strove to characterize the nature of the funds and the way that this funding source would interact with other funding sources.
    3. Generally, the following main points were covered:
      1. There are few constraints on how we spend the money in the program. However, they are to be used for student life, professional development, social events.
      2. The funds ARE in large part meant to replace funding that we have historically received from GSC for things like Buffins and Social Hours.
      3. The administration of these funds by the Reps removes some of the traditional constraints of funding from GSC—most importantly, it DOES NOT require that all MIT students have equal access to the events, since that was one of our largest issues in the past.
      4. Previously we received ~ 9K from GSC for our activities. Now we have this 10K from ODGE to cover those costs. (Buffins, social hour, Jelly talks usually covered by the GSC funding board and the picnic is for the Large events fund)
      5. We can still apply to funding for events outside of those three things
      6. Social funding is open to ALL JP students through the social fund. Not controlled by reps. (This is the YOU-OI Fund!) -All the social fund is supposed to be used by end of fiscal year—which is end of June!! Discussion was had about how to most fairly administer the YOU-OI funds.
      7. Discussion of the importance of having all this in writing.
      8. NOTE: Funding that augments Rep funding is available through APO.
        1. APO is especially inclined to contribute to events that cover career development and that could include post-docs as well.
      9. APO may set aside a specific amount of money for Rep use each year to augment current sources. This will be discussed later.
  2. Sexual Assault and Harassment at WHOI
    1. A brief discussion with Dean Yoder ensued about some Sexual Assault and Harassment awareness that is being discussed at WHOI now.
    2. An effort to create resources for students will be made.
    3. More discussions to follow.
  3. Reopening JP apartment Post Bed-Bug apocalypse
    1. 27th is last day open, then cleaning on 28th and re- Open on the 29th
    2. Ellie can stay there on the 30th and make apt not a mess.
    3. Discussion of materials needed in apt. Emily will help to re-stock the apt.
  4. Panteleyev award discussion
  5. Follow up: 300 committee event and MIT public service center into future
    1. Successful and want to do more. Really want to do more of these events!
    2. About 20 people attended the clean-up day at two ponds conservation area.
    3. Funding form GSC and PSC at MIT. The joint fund was just for this year and then in the future the PSC will take over things into the budget.
  6. Next social hour
    1. May1st Cinco de Mayo themed. And Kentucky Derby themed!
    2. May 15th social hour outside cook out with kickball! No pizzo, just chips/salsa
  7. Steinbach Update
  8. Next ODGE funding cycle deadline is June 1st!